2017 Finalists- Will Spensley Memorial Award for Innovation - PUBLIC SECTOR


Australian Taxation Office

In 2017, the ATO recruited graduates to 11 locations nationwide, including regional centres. As a large organisation, it is a challenge to keep our graduates connected with the broader organisation, and with each other. We understand that a key to success is building networks and social capital – not always easy for graduates in an organisation of 20,000 employees.

This is where live streaming has made a huge difference. Live streaming is our latest innovation in video and web conferencing technology. In 2017, the ATO used live streaming to connect graduates across the organisation, providing interactive access to senior leaders and corporate events. The high-definition audio visual quality, and the use of social platforms for communicating, has helped to enhance our graduates’ learning and professional opportunities.

This year, using live streaming, the Commissioner and senior leaders personally welcomed our 380 new graduates on their first day. Using the web platform to live stream this event, the Commissioner addressed a wider audience and our graduates engaged directly with our senior executives. Using our technology to its fullest, we offered innovative two-way engagement, integrating social media and chat functions so attendees could communicate directly with the speakers. Graduates enjoyed the interactive experience which gave them unprecedented access to leaders.

We have also used live streaming in other events, including our 2017 Graduate Debate. The debate was an exciting event which showcased the graduates’ skills and creativity. Live streamed across the ATO, it was also an internal marketing tool to highlight the successes of our Graduate Program.

Live streaming has resulted in significant reductions in our travel and program costs, a reduction in our environmental footprint and a richer experience for our graduates. It allows all graduates, regardless of location, to build wide networks and participate fully in all aspects of our Program.

iCare NSW

In partnership with Broken Yellow

As a young organisation, new to the Graduate market, icare wanted to design an attraction campaign that stood out from others, a campaign that was bold and presented icare as a dynamic organisation where profit is no driver.


icare, with Broken Yellow set out to design and build a unique experience for the Big Meet Careers Fair to give those passing their stand a memorable experience and understanding that icare is a different organisation, an organisation that truly wants to inspire a student’s commercial mind and social heart.


The result, an immediate, impactful and immersive VR experience that suited the theme of the campaign, courage.


The experience involved a 360º narrated video that saw viewers immersed in space as an astronaut. The astronaut, a metaphor for the mission that graduates will be on at icare, to find their commercial mind and social heart, to protect and insure NSW. The experience involves participants immersed in the universe, reflecting the beauty but complexity of working at icare, providing key information about the business throughout the experience. Participants are guided up a short platform that replicates the VR vision of being on the edge of a spaceship ready to take their first leap, demonstrating courage.

In addition to this, and as part of icare’s initial marketing campaign a number of candidates, along with icare’s Group Leadership, were invited to an in-house social event to showcase icare.  The event was planned to align with the campaign theme of courage and included a guest speaker, Paralympian Liesl Tesch and a fun activity calling upon participants to demonstrate their own courage.  The group worked with facilitators to write the lyrics to a song about icare’s values.  The end result, a group performance and sing-along.

NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

The Data Science and Analytics Scholars Program


The [NSW Data Analytics Centre (The DAC)] is the first of its kind in Australia. It was established in 2015 to unlock the power of big data and provide NSW Government agencies with the insights they need to make better decisions.


A Scholars Program was established in year one in response to industry needs - a looming shortage of skilled data workers across government and limited capability.


The program is remarkable given that of 45 DAC team members, twenty are scholars – affectionately known as “DACklings”. The team works under the mentorship of leading minds in data analytics including CEO [Ian Oppermann].


The scholars program is building partnerships with universities and the research sector and growing government capability in data science and analytics while helping students to be more employment ready.


It offers distinction-average data science and analytics or equivalent enrolled students a workplace-learning opportunity. The program is a partnership between The DAC, Macquarie University, Sydney University and University of Technology Sydney.


Of seven alumni so far, three have been recruited ongoing and two are returning to the program. Several DACklings have won academic awards.


Scholars are drawn from undergraduate, Honours, Masters and PhD programs in actuary, science, applied finance, economics, mathematics, engineering, and data analytics. They are recruited through biannual university campaigns or by winning DAC hackathons like the [2016 Pedestrian Safety Hackathon]. Programs are individually tailored to meet the Scholars’ professional interests and academic requirements.


The DAC gives scholars unrivalled exposure to get hands on with one of the most difficult jobs in government: using big data to address “[wicked challenges]” from childhood obesity and domestic violence, to public transport and emergency response times.