2018 Finalists - Will Spensley Memorial Award for Innovation - PUBLIC SECTOR


Australia Post

Graduate Operational Experience Program

As part of the induction of the 2018 Graduate cohort, graduates were required to spend nine working days volunteering in our front line retail and operational facilities. The program consisted of three days working in an Australia Post retail outlet, three days in a letters facility and three days in one of our parcel facilities. This structure aimed to provide breadth across our different front line functions, contributing to a greater knowledge of the foundation of Australia Post.

The program was developed in consultation with business partners and heads of HR to identify key areas of need in the business where graduates could best be placed. This aimed to ensure a mutual benefit for the graduates experiencing the facilities as well as the sites themselves. This also remedied an existing perception of graduates lacking awareness of the wider operational side of Australia Post.

Graduates visited the sites in groups of two to five, allowing for personal and professional relationships to be developed prior to entering the business in a working capacity. Here, graduates remarked upon how some of their best and most vivid memories from their induction period came from time spent out in sites.

This initiative can be seen as an innovation on previous induction years, developing the concept of the site visit that occurred prior to this intake. The revised format of this program allowed graduates to pursue an active involvement in the day-to-day function of our operational sites, carving out their own experiences and memories from the nine days.

Within the business, the program is already perceived as a successful case study, with plans to replicate it across multiple different talent programs. 


In partnership with Broken Yellow

Partnering with the icare foundation

Data collected by the AAGE in 2018 showed 64% of students participated in voluntary or charity work during their time at University.  With the establishment of the icare foundation in 2016, icare believed there was an opportunity to create a powerful experience to connect candidates to their purpose.


The icare foundation is a social venture working to make sure the people of NSW stay safe and healthy at work and on the roads and have the support they need to recover from injury.  This is done by collaborating with, and funding organisations that are taking a fresh approach to injury prevention, health/wellbeing, and recovery.


To connect the next generation of potential graduates to their brand icare designed an ‘activation’ that saw them partner with the icare foundation to identify three community organisations eligible to receive a grant of $10k.  

The chosen organisations (listed below) were displayed at the Big Meet Careers fair and students visiting icare’s booth had the opportunity to ‘vote’ for one of these organisations, the organisation with the most votes receiving the largest share in a $10k grant.  

Top Blokes – focus on disadvantaged and at risk young men to equip them with the knowledge and confidence to tackle the challenges they face including mental health and unemployment.


Uplifting Australia – an organisation dedicated to turning the tide of mental health by equipping families and young Australians with skills to foster good mental health.


batyr – an organisation solely dedicated to helping young Australians build positive mental health.


The activation successfully raised awareness of the work of these organisations and generated some keen interest.  Results were tallied and with a total of 151 votes (58 for Uplifting, 52 for batyr and 41 for Top Blokes) money was divided so that Uplifting received $6k and batyr and Top Blokes receiving $2k.

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Wall of Fame - a celebration of talent.

Grad resourcing days are so much fun, it’s great to get that enthusiastic talent through the door and meet them face to face but we had a problem that need a fix – we’ve named it up and here’s the simple innovation we came up with. 


These resourcing days can be a coordination nightmare right? Messes of candidates, multiple activities, calibration scores, interviewers, presenters, catering, room bookings …………Arghh


 Have you ever got to the end of a Grad resourcing day and struggled to remember which candidate was which? We have! We needed a visual but didn’t just want a Polaroid stuck to a manila folder. 


Here’s what we did………. 

  • On arrival we snapped a pic of our individual Grads

  • We printed and pinned the pics up and created the Wall of Fame with a big “Wall of Fame” Banner

  • We asked the Grads to name and sign their photos.

  • We then did a big celebration speech congratulating them on making it this far – it really is amazing to be shortlisted from thousands of hopeful graduates. This really created a great vibe for the day.

  • At the end of the day, after the grads had left we gathered at the Wall of Fame for some great discussion, using the pictures as prompters. In the days that followed, as outcomes became clear and discussions were made, the Wall of Fame pics where reduced to 10 – our top 10. 

Innovative? We think so. We made the Wall of Fame about them, not us. It became a true celebration piece and kept all of the great talent front of mind.